The Internet is the most powerful magnifier of slack ever invented.

- Author Unknown

What is this about?

How do you go about managing something that is both wonderful and deviously subversive at the same time? I imagine relationships can be that way. Maybe its like being in love with a person that you can't live without, but this same person constantly undermines and sabotages you. Ok, maybe not the best analogy, but some elements are similar to what many of us face in our relationships with the Internet, and the World Wide Web in particular. Most of us don't seem to be able to live our lives, much less do our jobs without the Internet. Yet, like the siren's songs in the Odyssey, few of us can resist the urge to stray from the important stuff into activities that make us lose our focus. That's not necessarily such a terrible thing. Unless... we don't realize how bad the problem may be. The truth is, most of us would be shocked to see exactly where our Internet time goes. If we knew exactly where it went, we might be better equipped to manage it in a better way. That's what Personal Web Tracker does. It's a tool to give you a crystal clear picture of how you are using that time. Yes, they say ignorance is bliss, but that kind of bliss robs us of productivity and the things we really want.

How we help

As we like to say, "knowlege is power". Personal Web Tracker makes it painfully clear where your Internet time is going. Maybe just knowing is enough for you to better manage your time. But, if that's not enough, Personal Web Tracker can take a more active role in your life by alerting you when you've reached a time limit, or blocking a site altogether. Personal Web Tracker is completely customizable to fit the way you want to use it. You already know what websites are the usual suspects. Just tell Personal Web Tracker to keep track of those sites. We bet the results will surprise you.

Personal Web Tracker is a Google Chrome extension that is available from the Chrome Web Store here. Installation is just a click or two away. And, it's FREE. The Pro edition is the base product. The section below outlines the features.

Personal Web Tracker Quick Feature Summary

Personal Web Tracker Pro
Domain, subdomain, and directory tracking
Alerting and blocking on exceeded limits
7 day history chart
Daily, weekly, or monthly limits
Maximum tracked sitesUNLIMITED
Color schemes6
Lockable configuration