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We've Become Untethered!

This means that all communications between pwebtracker.com and the extension are now gone. Previously, the Personal Web Tracker extension would periodically send your browsing data (for the sites you have added) to our servers. We used that data to create the monthly or weekly digest that you received in your email. Well, since we're no longer collecting that data, it means that the digest is also a thing of the past. Another effect of cutting the wire is that configuration backup and restore is no longer supported. If you are a previous user, you will no longer have an account. Gone is the ability to log into pwebtracker.com to see your long term web usage statistics.

Hardly anyone was really affectd by this, but we also decided to do away with the Enterprise Edition, as it also relied heavily on the backend server communication, even more so than the Pro edition. Corporate users can continue using the new standalone version for free

Why Untethered?

There were a number of factors that contributed to this major change. First, we felt that the data collection made people nervous about using the extension. In this day and age, we can't say we blame them. We want more people to use Personal Web Tracker and use the cool features to track and control their Internet use. We felt that the data collection was a barrier to adoption. Doing away with individual accounts allows us to be leaner and become more focused on the core functionality of the product.

It's Really About You

Now that we're more focused on our core strengths, we'd like to hear from you. What features would you like to see? Tell us about how Personal Web Tracker can better serve you. Please send us your feed back to info@pwebtracker.com.